Job Blues

The word JOB might be short but it has a deep meaning. When we were small, we were told to be ambitious & to dream anything, even if it seemed bizarre. But when the harsh realities of life hit us hard on the head, we realized that all we ever dreamt to become were mere delusions. Growing up into adults forced us to pick a new dream or rather fend for ourselves. That’s where we started looking for a JOB.

The definition of Job has altered over the years. Earlier people would feel delighted at the prospect of landing up a job in a leading firm as now they could live their lives with confidence, independence & lookout for their families in their times of need, these were a few perks of  working. But now the scenario is more mechanical than emotional. People no more work for soul-satisfaction or contentment. All they want is something that pays them. A job for them has turned into an activity that pays their bills & satiate their hunger. That’s the reason even in the early morning hours, most of the employed population looks like disease-stricken zombies.

This isn’t what we grew up for! This isn’t what we dreamed to become! The need of the hour is thorough soul-searching. We need to look into ourselves & ask the question “is this we studied or worked hard for”? As far as I am concerned I certainly don’t want to be a lost soul.
So what to do to bring our lives back on track. Well according to me, there should be a plan of action. It doesn’t matter whether we landed up with a dream job at the placement or not. It’s never too late to dream.
Start planning out now:

  • List down the things that interest you. It can be anything photography, writing or programming to name a few.
  • Start working on it, brush up your skills. As there are bleak chances that you might get work as a fresher in a reputed company.
  • Keep a record of your work. For e.g. If you are an amateur writer, keep a record of all your articles, blogs.
  • Apply in a leading firm as & when a position comes up or else look for a job in a startup company as these people would be the ones who will believe in your work and give you the much needed experience & appreciation.

What one needs to remember is to go for a career that not only pays you but also makes you satisfied, keeps you excited, keeps the zeal alive in you to work as a content soul!

So go find that fire, the desire that is still burning inside you, that wants you to feel alive again. It will lead you towards something that will give you sheer pleasure, contentment, the will to work harder & not to forget the green pastures!


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6 thoughts on “Job Blues

  1. Rishabh G. on

    Great Post Aakanksha!

    What one needs to remember is to go for a career that not only pays you but also makes you satisfied, keeps you excited, keeps the zeal alive in you to work as a content soul!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mary on

    When my young adult daughter was struggling to identify her ideal career, we used a similar process. We sat down and made a two-column list. In one column, we listed the kinds of things she liked (not necessarily job-related). In the other, we listed the things she ‘hated’ to do. We brainstormed together to populate the lists.

    On the ‘love’ list, she included ‘helping others’, ‘medicine’, ‘animals’, ‘being outdoors’, ‘making my own decisions’, etc.

    On the ‘hate’ list, she included ‘working inside all day’, ‘the prospect of long years in school’, ‘being a cog in a business machine’…..

    These thoughts seemed random, but they led to good discussions on identifying careers that included as many of the ‘love’ things as possible, while avoiding the ‘hate’ things. She looked at the ‘love’ list and said, “Oh, a large animal veterinarian. I would love to be a vet.” Then she looked at ‘the prospect of long years in school’ on the ‘hate’ list and decided that was OUT.

    Then, recalling a favorite TV show, she said, “Paramedic!” And yes, that fit a lot of the ‘love’ list with few/none of the ‘hate’ list. She found that she loved studying the required science, because she could see the application to a clear goal that was not five years distant.

    She has now been an extremely effective Paramedic for 20 years. She is smart and decisive, and this has been the perfect career for her. Further, she has developed strong business skills (spreadsheets, Powerpoint, word processing, etc.) as they related to the field she loves.

    I agree with you that careful consideration of your likes (and dislikes) then formulating a plan can lead to a satisfying result. Thanks for a thoughtful post.

    1. Aakanksha Sharma on

      Thank you so much Mary! I’m overwhelmed that you liked it! Each one of us goes through this perplexing phase, it’s an inevitable truth but what counts is how we deal with it. I’m pleased to know that your daughter found her path & is happy! We often forget that getting a job isn’t the goal of life but finding a job that makes you content & happy is! 🙂

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