Life of Corporate Pie- Welcome to the MNC world!


A very special thanks for the response for the first blog post (here). Because of your love, I am able to continue this thing.
So in the last post we have discussed about placements, so I thought next topic should be joining a company after getting placement. So in the current post we will discuss difference between life of a final year student and Life of a new join in corporate world. So first I wish to remind you and me as well final year. The most entertaining part of college life. (Assuming that you have an offer from a prestigious company).After that we will discuss life @ corporate world as a fresher and then we will discuss the major changes in professional as well as personal life.

Life @ Final Year:
So it all started with Ragging Sessions and so called lifesaving advices from seniors, now you are the topmost senior in college. You are no longer horrified by attendance drama, Assignments and practical. Now you know how to handle all these things. Your professors or at least lecturers have become friendly with you. You are the BOSS now and nobody can harm you inside college. ‘Inside college’ is important coz bahar ka to sala kabhi koi bharosa nahi hai (We can never guarantee about world outside college campus) .
Your parents has stopped to ask you for extra money you have asked. You used to wake up at 9 AM, try to reach college in first lecture. But if you couldn’t make it, you are OK with that. You go to canteen and enjoy. The one thing I have missed till now that now your class is ready to mass bunk anytime. Most of the mates who were maggu in first year and used to break bunks have become cool or somehow you know to manage them.
Your crush has got placement in some other company and you are still waiting to say her your feelings. You have got tremendous entertaining friends. The names which have been given by parents has been changed completely and now you have started loving those names.
Hate or ego are the words you never used coz everyone is “Bhai hai mera”. But all this is going to end after coming to professional world. I think it’s enough to remind you those golden days.

Mirage in an Oasis:
Even after completing three years in professional world, it seems that I am in a desert and chasing a mirage. A mirage that seems to full of opportunities but still it is a mirage only. (Ye to kuch jyada ho gaya :P) But canada goose outlet if you wish to compare college life with professional life you will get the same feeling. So NEVER try to compare your college life with professional life at least in first year.
Not only 4 rupees chai has been changed into coffee at Cafe Coffee Day, A lot have also been changed. The days when you used to laugh for hours for no reason has been changed into working for extra hours for one tailor made smile of your manager. Now you cannot BUNK your office, you cannot give silly excuses like punctured bike or faulty alarm clock. You have to be on time and In fact in first year you are having colleagues not friends like college. So Dude it’s all over. Life has changed.
There are some very good points in professional life. This life gives you chance to recognize yourself. You get money even for trainings. You will get protection in your career. You will find some mentors for your life time who will be ready to help you even out of the way. You will get a chance to prove your skill and intelligence. You can make your future here and make your life comfortable. So be out of college memories. College is the thing which will end someday.

Now I wish to point out some ground rules which one canada goose outlet should follow in initial year of professional life So that this article will have utility also.

1. Professional and Personal life balance: The very first thing to manage specially in IT industry. You will always have some impossible deadlines to complete. There will be some lady who will come to you and ask favor from you with a tailor made smile. So be prepare for all this. In the initial years, you work to learn not to earn. But it should not on the cost of your personal life. So manage a canada goose sale damen proper balance between personal and professional life.

2. Merge yourself in new region: This is especially for people who are working in a different region of the country. Let’s take example of north Indians working in South India, (I can relate myself in this criteria: P). Dude, you will not be able to get that Dilliwalah taste in food but still you have to manage). You will feel like alien when people around you will talk in their local language. But this should not irritate you. You have to understand whatever they are doing its their culture and soon you will start liking all those. For me, it worked a lot and now my favorite breakfast has become idly. So be ready to accept all this with full affinity.

3. Never be monotonous: Dude we are not Shahrukh of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, who wake up in the morning and go to office come back in the evening and same thing repeats. If we will start same than our life will become hell. In college, you will have new subjects, teachers and crushes as well in every semester. But now You will have the same work, same schedule, same team every day but still you have to avoid monotonicity in life. Breakup your schedule sometime to avoid monotonous life.

4. Life is not only your cubical: Your college life is over but it doesn’t mean that now you have to work all alone in your cubical. The net work in the network you make in your life. So be ready to accept new persons in your life. You will enjoy company of the people who are elder to you. You will get a lot from their experience. Snack breaks are essential part of your canada goose online shop professional life.

5. Manage your finances: The fundamental aim of professionalism is Money. You are working for money canada goose frauen and your company is making you to work for money only. So finances should be managed in a proper way. There are many people who don’t care about their Income taxes, HRA and all. This is NOT cool in any manner. You should take care about your hard earned money. The sooner you start saving, the sooner you can build that retirement home in Dubai. And when you’re ready to hit the beach, you’ll want those abs to look good, so…

So these are the main points which you have to keep in mind while entering professional world. Now last but not the least with Loads of tension with calls from home, with my eye lids eager to kiss each other and I am promising them to allow it a little later, cursing Bill Gates for inventing MSOffice especially MS Excel, I wish to turn back to those golden days and when I used to look back, I see thousands of people running towards this mirage with ID cards hanging in their neck. I want to wish them luck for their journey.

P.S. you may not find good friends in the beginning of professional life But later on you may find some wonderful friends and mentors in your life. I am also lucky enough to get such great friend after spending enough amount of time here.

Welcome to the corporate world…!

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6 thoughts on “Life of Corporate Pie- Welcome to the MNC world!

  1. Rishabh Gupta on

    Hey Ishan,

    you’re absolutely right that in the final year, all students become a Boss and this is the time when any excuse for career, can harm full future. Life at final year is the life when we most enjoy because as you said,”Your professors or at least lecturers have become friendly with you”

    I still missing my college days- the time, when I was living in another world! 🙂

    Thanks for this weekend post! Simply Awesome tips and I am pretty sure that this is gonna help people around campus.


    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      @ Rishabh, Definitely we dare not to forget those days of Bossism. The best memories were when mass bunks were finalised within 2 minutes..

  2. Mohin Singh on

    Again Awesome Post Ishan! I am still in final year, and you just teach me alot. I mean, you are sharing you real experience- that’s count.

    Awaiting more post from you!

    Mohin S.
    GNIT, G. Noida

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      @ Mohin, Thanks for your support. Good to see you coming back for this second article. Definitely there is no shortcut for experience and i am trying to share the same with you people.
      Seeking same support in future…

  3. Monika Sharma on

    @Final year, I can relate everything with my life. 🙂

    Thank you Ishan for sharing this Wonderful post. is really awesome platform! Keep it up Guys!!!

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      @ Monika, Thanks for appreciating this blog. You have rightly said that are providing great opportunity for job seekers.

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