Placement: A letter to Galgotians by Ishan

Dear Galgotians,

PLACEMENT “The biggest motive of engineering” is the most used word for final year students. The day when you have locked your choices while technical university counselling (for me it was UPTU,for you it may be RGTU,VTU etc. anyone), the only thing most of canada goose parka damen us knew about top colleges that “Sala ye vala college mil gaya to Placement to ho hi jayega” (If I will get this college, At least Placement will be assured). Although Ground reality is not that real but little exceptions are always acceptable.

So the big thing, when you Google for placements you will found more than enough articles on how to prepare. So there may be nothing will be new for some guys as they have done enough work for their preparation and I am very happy for them. But if you have not done with that, I will try to sum up all those in this single place.
Now we will talk about ground reality. So till now you know better, that you are eligible for how many companies. So we can divide all final year students in 3 categories (I don’t believe in category system personally but we have to survive in India )

• CS/IT Stream with full eligibility (60 or 65 throughout without any back)
• The Students who are not fulfilling eligibility criteria.
• The CORE branch students for whom placement is just for security 😛

We all are happy for the third category. I wish that everybody should cgparkashop try to be part of this third category. You are not going to be a slave in any MNC but you are preparing only for “ek offer letter hota hai to Gate k liye confidence badh jata hai “ (Having one letter will boost up confidence). So this is the best category and after completing 3 years in corporate world, I think I am apt person to say that “ Dude sare isi category me raho aish karoge” (try to stay in this category, you will enjoy). Most of mine batch-mates will say the same.

So now start with first category:
Although I mentioned CS/IT but you know it well ki apne campus me to software companies hi aati hain sari branches k liye. This is January end so countdown for most of the companies has already begun. You should start working on following points:

1. Preapare YOUR CV: why I have stressed on YOUR, its because we think CV is also an assignment which has to be copied by all class from a single person. Most of the time this single person is some girl, at least in my case it was a girl. So make your own resume as your strengths can not be same with your friend. If you will write at your own, you will come to know yourself in a new way. Thoda ajeeb lagega but hota hai aisa ( it seems strange but its true).

2. Know the opportunities: Although Placement cell and team are working hard but still you should be aware of it. Be in touch with your placement coordinators and keep your email id (with some professionalism) and your mobile number always updated.

3. Preparations for Aptitude exams: There is no Quantum or KPH available for these exams. So dude, Is ke liye to book padhni hi padhegi ( you have to read book this time). So lets start with R.S. Agarwal . Since you are having 2 months from now so you can complete it in one month. For the next month you have to go through available placement papers. Whatever the companies are expected to come in campus, solve all available placement papers for them. All available means for last year and the current year. Older paper may not help as pattern used to change. No need for Shakuntala Devi after this. Google nahi aane vali apne campus me  (google is not coming for campus placement).  So be focused.

4. Preparation for interviews: Since a lot of students come from PAN area, So communication may be a hurdle. So this is the right time to work on it. The only required thing for this to just change your language of BC (here BC stands for Baat Cheet only). If you apply this thing you will not face any issue in any interview. Have some demo interview rounds with your friends.

5. Preparation other than study: This is also an integral part of placement preparation. You know it well that you should have a set of formals, a professional file with all your documents. So do it now. Don’t spend your December/January time in shopping at Atta or GIP.

So that’s it for any Service based company. Be prepared and have confidence.

Now come to second category:

You are not eligible for different companies as you have some issues with your 10th /12th marks. Don’t worry. In fact you are the lucky persons. I am not saying it sarcastically, I have proper reasons for saying the same. When everybody is in dilemma of PSUs or Company, you are free of it. canada goose sale You are the one who can set your goals. Seriously if you have not decided till now, this is it. If you want to continue with MNCs, Ducat etc. are waiting for you. Strengthen your technical skills. Finally your skill will speak answer about you. If you want to go for IBPS, Dude go for this now only. There is no need to wait for completion of degree.

For third category, I have spoken already. Dream category for every one whether inside campus or pass outs.

So now I am wrapping up for this time. Comments can be added here and you can contact me @ishanshri. So last but not the least “What you get by reaching your michaelhandtasche destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination”. So don’t loss canada goose damen hopes anytime.

P.S.: Sala bahut sare BRD, TSD aur FSD banaye par itne mann se to kabhi nahi likha (prepared many documents but nothing has got so much effort) . Missing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to write this article….. 🙂

Ishan air max air max

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17 thoughts on “Placement: A letter to Galgotians by Ishan

  1. Monika Sharma on

    Nice Article Ishan Sir! You really made awesome work for job seekers. Waiting more work in future. Thanks alot. 🙂

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      Thanks Monika !! I have tried to sum up things on single place. Hope to provide you people similar type of blogs in future. 🙂

  2. amitesh singh on

    simply great 🙂 …still i am thinking how you manage time for writing all these ..”bhai lagta hai college ki adat gyi nhi hai documnet banane ki”….anyway awesome Blog.. 🙂

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      Amitesh Singh Bhai , People have managed to read and share this blog from their schedule . Similarly I have managed to write this. 😛
      Hope to get similar experience in future.

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      You are absolutely right Nikhil. Without Preparation , nothing is possible and Placements are outcome of smart work only.

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      Thanks Mohin, Will continue the same spirit. Seeking your valuable support in future also.

    1. Ishan Shrivastava on

      Thanks @Kriti, A Final year student is very confused one regarding career and future life. By this series of blogs, I am just trying to help them out.
      Hope to see you on next blog also..

  3. Ishan Shrivastava on

    Dear Sir,
    Good to see your comment on my blog. Heartily thanks for your offer. I would have accepted the offer for sure if i am in North India.Whenever I will be in Delhi, I will get in touch with you.
    Hope to see same response in next blogs also.
    Ishan Shrivastava

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